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Mohamed Khedr


M. Khedr Born January 1970 – Cairo, Egypt. Mohamed Khedr is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Set-design Department), Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt (1993). He holds a Graduate Diploma in Folk Art, Arts Academy (1995), and is currently enrolled in an MA Higher Studies program in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University. Since graduation, he has worked in the fields of computer graphics, décor, photography, and artistic painting. The year 2010 marks the beginning of Khedr’s dedication to fully focus on teaching adults the art of drawing and painting while also training them to use different materials and equipment. A combination of natural creative instinct, informed by the impressionist school, and vast experience have resulted in a remarkable ability to utilize all available media in order to present his artwork. This results in the creation of unique masterpieces, glowing in aesthetic harmony. It is not just Egyptian culture that has left its mark on his artistic expression, but also a combination of the diverse cultures of East and West, which Khedr’s work seamlessly binds together to form a common identity. Khedr believes that a trio of perfection, adoration, and enjoyment cast a magical shadow over the artwork, which is felt even before its dimensions or details are appreciated. Moreover, since the artist connects spiritually with his work, he considers that he alone can determine whether the work is fully complete. According to Khedr, the Classical School is the mother of them all because of its role in providing rules and principles that must be known before they can be broken or ignored to satisfy personal aesthetic values. Nevertheless, he closely follows all schools, both classical and contemporary. For him, they all contain philosophy and beauty that cannot be disregarded. They also aid in reaching greater self-understanding, which collects together all experiences and personal aesthetics, in order to produce a form of emotions that portrays the artist’s character. Khedr is also influenced by music, architecture, and all kinds of art whether classical or contemporary. Colors, in Khedr’s belief, are what attract a person most to a piece of artwork. For the artist, however, it is only a means to achieve the effect sought! Colors, which one soon unwraps after enjoying their initial brilliance, are but a subjective perception to emphasize form and shape, on the path to discovering the essence of the art beneath. Khedr has made numerous contributions to art and to art collections in several countries around the world. He continues to seek knowledge and learning as a basis for serving society. He also aspires to add something new, through his guiding force of intuition and feel, to this magical world!