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Eva Toth

Artist’s Bio


Eva was born in Hungary and immigrated to Montreal when her family fled the Russian invasion in 1956. She received degrees from McGill and Western and has worked in the past as a career counselor. Eva’s sense of adventure has led her to working in Labrador and the NWT, as well as a year long journey travelling through China, Tibet, India and Nepal; even to Everest Base Camp. She is a dedicated long distance bicyclist and her trips to Provence and Spain often inspire future paintings. 

In spite of all these distractions or possibly because of them, Eva’s real passion for the past 14 years has become her art. Currently a member of the Artspa group of painters in Fall River, she is an experimental abstract artist who loves bold colors, texture, and gestural lines based on feelings.

 Her artistic vision explores the abstracted aspects of her past travels, as well as past current themes. Her signature style is to work loosely with bright colors and textures and gestural lines based on feelings. Using a deeply personal language of colour, texture and forms, she creates intuitive abstract paintings that are bold, tender and very emotional. Eva has exhibited in group shows as well as individual ones in Nova Scotia. She is represented by the Teichart Gallery and Art Zone in Halifax as well has had her work accepted by the Society of Canadian Artists.



Artist’s Statement

“Abstract expressionist value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the unknown over the known, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer.” -William C. Seitz, American artist and Art historian

“I am an abstract expressionist painter and my goal is to paint an experience rather than an actual scene, to capture the vitality of the moment.  Feelings guide a deeply personal exploration of the push and pull of the known and unknown, the obscure and the clear. This approach allows me the freedom to experiment with unusual composition and color. It is where unexpected magic can happen.

I enjoy working loosely and quickly and often paint large areas inspired by the ocean, skies or mountains. These large spaces offer peace and a sense of wonder, while working quickly helps outrun the judgemental part of the brain which can stop or freeze artistic expression. A piece has turned out really well when I can leave it alone, without second guessing myself. Sometimes this happens right away. Other times, my paintings need a rest before each layer and there is much stress and angst before the work is finally completed.

Working this way, patterns emerge where pieces of the real and concrete emerge from the large calm areas or broad vistas. Here textural shapes can appear and allow me to mark the canvas with different tools creating works the remind me of sculptures.  This combining of realistic and abstracted elements gives me a sense of fun and freedom, a chance to capture a thought or feeling for a moment in time.

I hope to convey strong feelings through my paintings.”