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Kathryn Harley Haynes

Artist’s Bio

Kathryn works in acrylic and mixed media. She uses expressionism and abstraction to create works in two broad categories, bright pieces that express the joy she finds in the beauty of the natural world and darker works that explore life’s shadows.

A resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kathryn was born in the United Kingdom, and grew up in Canada and the United States. The holder of BA and MA degrees in History from McGill University, she also did course work at the San Francisco Art Institute. A resident of Canada’s Maritime provinces for most of her adult life, Kathryn has combined her career as a journalist, broadcaster and communications consultant with a lifelong interest in painting. In addition to her studies at the Art Institute, Kathryn has taken a variety of workshops and classes with artists including Brigid Toole Grant, Philip Iverson, Sandi Komst and Barbara McLean.

Artist’s Statement

“In my paintings I’m striving for both visual and emotional impact. There are surface and sub-surface elements – colour, composition and texture – working together to create the image and to reveal what lies beneath, whether that’s the integral structure or the underlying feeling. I find my subjects in the natural world and the world of my imagination and use abstraction and expressionism to translate those subjects onto canvas. The focus of many of my recent paintings is on the fleeting nature of time, the transience of history and the impermanence of memory.”