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Kathryn works in acrylic and mixed media. She uses expressionism and abstraction to create works in two broad categories, bright pieces that express the joy she finds in the beauty of the natural world and darker works that explore life’s shadows.
Rae Smith, at the age of 12, attended Saturday Art Classes at the college of Art in Halifax. In his thirty’s he joined the Atlantic Area Artist Association and eventually became president, serving for seven years. He exhibited paintings in the Atlantic winter Fair, and The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, winning many first prizes.
Anne was born in Nottingham, England and immigrated to Ottawa, Canada with her family at the age of three. Halifax, Nova Scotia has been home for over 30 years.
Paulette Melanson is a landscape and abstract painter who works in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. She grew up in Scoudouc, New Brunswick and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1985. She has been drawing and painting ever since she can remember however did not
Originally a sculptor working with clay, Mohamed currently uses oil, pastel and acrylic colors to convey his thoughts. He did both portraits and landscape painting and always keep enough room for the viewer to create their own interpretations of the artwork.
My work explores the strength and courage residing in all of us in times of adversity. As we experience the fragility and beauty of life, we adapt and change. There are additions, losses and remodels.
Beverly strives to create a sense of light and motion that draws the viewer into her art. Inspired by her native province of Nova Scotia... the sea, forest, gardens, the city and countryside, an artist's paradise.
I was born in Halifax and currently live in Dartmouth and raised my children in Cole Harbour. I am a mother of five children and several grandchildren. I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education and have work in health and education for over 35 years both in Nova Scotia and PEI.
Yassa's water colour paintings are characterised by the illumination of light emanating from them exhibiting an optimistic and upbeat sense of life. Each painting is distinguished through arousing a different and special feeling inside the audience.
Kristen Herrington grew up in the Annapolis Valley – a beautiful, yet “basic” environment for an aspiring artist, traveler and believer in unicorns. While she is drawn to practicality, studying things like Politics and massage therapy, she manages to find a creative loophole in almost all of her endeavors.
Eman was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Set Design from the University of Helwan. She is a mother of two, and lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Eman has been oil painting for the past fifteen years.
I’m going to introduce you to an artist who has been sitting in the background waiting for her time to come forward. You are going to want to sit up and pay attention to this introduction, as kimmerT is creating a new movement in Art. Her painting style has been titled "kimism"; images created from within.
Art can be used to heal and allow our inner voice to be heard. In this respect, Rhonda supports the idea that art can be used as therapy and/or meditation, whether that be a physical release or the focusing of energy.
Born in Al-Minia - Egypt on 5th of February. Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Egypt
Hanan Ghanem, born and raised in Alexandria, artist and painter Hanan Ghanem moved to Cairo in 1999
Mohamed Elmoslemany is an Egyptian artist, graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in Cairo with a Master degree in design
Dr. Taher Abdel Azeem holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Decorations (2001)
Khedr has made numerous contributions to art and to art collections in several countries around the world. The diverse cultures of East and West, seamlessly binds together to form a common identity to his artwork. Khedr believes that a trio of perfection, adoration, and enjoyment cast a magical shadow over the artwork