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My work explores the strength and courage residing in all of us in times of adversity. As we experience the fragility and beauty of life, we adapt and change. There are additions, losses and remodels.
Although Denise Lanterman has a degree minor in Art History, she is a mostly self taught artist. For her, art and life are intertwined. The canvas / paper is a refuge from life, a place to find peace and calm.
Paulette Melanson is a landscape and abstract painter who works in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. She grew up in Scoudouc, New Brunswick and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1985. She has been drawing and painting ever since she can remember however did not
Anne was born in Nottingham, England and immigrated to Ottawa, Canada with her family at the age of three. Halifax, Nova Scotia has been home for over 30 years.
Eva was born in Hungary and immigrated to Montreal when her family fled the Russian invasion in 1956. She received degrees from McGill and Western and has worked in the past as a career counselor. Eva’s sense of adventure has led her to working in Labrador and the NWT, as well as a year long journey travelling through China, Tibet, India and Nepal; even to Everest Base Camp.
Rae Smith, at the age of 12, attended Saturday Art Classes at the college of Art in Halifax. In his thirty’s he joined the Atlantic Area Artist Association and eventually became president, serving for seven years. He exhibited paintings in the Atlantic winter Fair, and The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, winning many first prizes.
Beverly strives to create a sense of light and motion that draws the viewer into her art. Inspired by her native province of Nova Scotia... the sea, forest, gardens, the city and countryside, an artist's paradise.
Kathryn works in acrylic and mixed media. She uses expressionism and abstraction to create works in two broad categories, bright pieces that express the joy she finds in the beauty of the natural world and darker works that explore life’s shadows.
Crystal Parker, born 1987, lives in Lake Echo, NS with her husband and three little girls. Crystal does artwork in two mediums: acrylic paintings and ink drawings. Abstract continuous line figures appear prominently in her art representing people, animals and objects using a continuous flowing,
As an artist, I love to develop pieces that speak to me, while enticing the viewer to move into a space of speculation. I rely on our desires for beauty, poetics and seduction. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of work.
Evan Meisner has spent the majority of his life living in Mill Cove on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. For the last six years he has lived in Halifax, received a certificate from NSCC’s Applied Communication Arts Program, traveled to New Zealand and Europe, and is now currently completing a BFA degree at NSCAD University.
Laura Teed is not your typical artist. A colourblind (or as she prefers “colour-confused”) communications masters student, one may be surprised to know that Laura has always been deeply involved in the Fine Arts.